-Avoid getting the lashes wet for the first 24 hours post Curl Perfect Lash Lift

-Avoid rubbing your lashes or sleeping on your face the first night.

-It is totally fine to still rock mascara just make sure it is not waterproof.


While lash extensions are an amazing way to have a low maintenance beauty routine, they do require some at home care that is a must to keep your lashes beautiful and healthy! Think of it as a way to protect your investment. If proper home care is not maintained, Bunny’s can not guarantee the longevity of lash extension retention or lash health.

Side note: If lash extensions sound too high maintenance for you, a lash lift may be the way to go! Check our FAQs for more info!

-Cleanse your lashes EVERY DAY (at least 1x per day, bonus points for 2x) in order to ensure both maximum retention and the optimum health of your lashes. We recommend using We Love Eyes lash cleanser/makeup remover or something similar.

-Brush lashes to maintain fluffiness (only brush dry lashes, not when wet)

-Do not put mascara on your lash extensions, don’t even think about it!

-Avoid any oil based products in the eye area (including oil based cleansers, makeup removers and makeup)

-Do not use gel or cream based makeup on the eye; powders + water based liquids makeup are a go!

-Do not pick or pull at your lashes.

-Avoid sleeping on your face.

-Prebook your fill appointment in order to maintain your lashes

As always, if you have any questions about lash extensions or lash aftercare reach out to us, we got you babe!



While we can never fully guarantee the end result of cosmetic tattoos as everyone retains pigment differently and will heal differently due to a wide variety of variables, diligently following your aftercare is imperative to achieving the best healed results possible. If you feel you would be unable to follow these aftercare instructions properly then please be aware that you are most likely not a good candidate for microblading. Also, if you have any questions in regards to aftercare or the healing process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We believe that a less is more approach to healing your beautiful new brows is best! Keeping them clean, dry and applying the thinnest amount of prescribed aftercare is key in addition to following our recommended do’s and dont‘ s.


2-3 hours after your appointment gently rinse your brows with water using the pads of your fingertips to gently rinse away the lymph and plasma that has begun to accumulate. Use the clean gauze provided in your touch up kit to pat dry. Avoid using anything abrasive or non sterile (such as a towel or wash cloth) to dry your brows during the healing process; the best choice is a clean paper towel. Always gently pat dry and do not rub.

Apply a very thin layer of the prescribed aftercare ointment (think rice grain amount) using a clean qtip to each brow 1 time per day.


-The goal is to keep your brows as clean, dry and protected as possible! Avoid moisture, water, sweat, sun, makeup and anything else on the brows other than the recommended aftercare for at least 10 days post procedure.

-Keep them dry! Avoid direct shower stream, splashing water directly onto face, steam, saunas, jacuzzis, pools and all other bodies of water for 10 days.

-Keep them clean and free from bacteria, oil etc by gently rinsing with water in the AM and PM and patting dry with a paper towel. If you exercise or do an activity that causes you to sweat, immediately rinse brows afterwards and pat dry. Do not use cleansers or soaps on the brow area for the first 10 days; use water only to gently cleanse.

-Blot! Gently blot your brows using a clean single use blot paper 3x per day for normal skin and up to 6x per day for oily skin for the first 10 days.

-Moisturize! For the first 7 days post procedure use a clean q tip to apply a rice grain amount of the prescribed aftercare to brows. Using only a thin layer will ensure that the brows can still breathe and heal properly. And never apply ointment to brows that are still wet; ensure they are completely dry before applying ointment.

-Do not pick at the scabs or itch your brows. The goal is to allow the scabs to shed naturally. Prematurely picking at the scabs can lead to scarring as well as pigment loss.

-Avoid sweaty and intense exercise for 5-7 days post procedure as both the salt in sweat as well as the increase in blood pressure due to exercise can affect pigment retention and overall healing. Minimal sweating (such as light yoga or Pilates) is permissible but be sure to immediately rinse your brows following any activity.

-Avoid applying any makeup, sunscreen, petroleum based products and in general anything other than the recommended aftercare for the first 10 days.

After 10 days apply sunscreen to the brows daily to protect your investment.


-No facials, Botox, chemical treatments and facial lasers for at least 4 weeks post procedure. Avoid glycolic acid, retinol, peels and exfoliants and any lightening products (including hydroquinone) in the brow area to avoid lightening or altering the pigment. If you receive any laser facial treatments or hair removal in the future be sure to inform the technician that your brows are tattooed as the laser can affect the pigment.

-Avoid direct sun exposure/tanning beds for at least 4 weeks post procedure. Wear a large hat and sunglasses when exposed to sun to prevent fading and discoloration.

-Do not bleach or tint the brow area for 4 weeks post procedure and do not receive any waxing or threading services until your brows are fully healed.


-Lashline enhancement will heal very quickly with minimal aftercare needed. Keep the area clean and use a small amount of prescribed ointment. Light to moderate swelling and redness is to be expected. Do not pick at the scabs simply allow them to shed naturally.

-Avoid wearing makeup in the eye area for 3-5 days and switch out your previous mascara for a fresh tube to avoid introducing bacteria to the treatment area.

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